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We first met Helen at a wedding fayre at the Palace Hotel in Buxton which she visited with her mum. We must have chatted for about 20-30 mins about her wedding plans and we knew that it would be amazing so we were over the moon when Helen and her fiancé Frazer contacted us to ask us if we were available to cover it.

They had a church service at St. Matthews Church in Hayfield in the Peak District (only 10 mins from our home) with the reception at the amazingly stunning Upper House. Upper house is steeped in history with the original farmstead dating back to around the 14th century. It was ideally situated at the convergence of various pack horse routes which attracted Sir James Watts then Mayor of Manchester, who purchased it as his shooting lodge at the end of the 1800s. Sir James commissioned a programmed of building improvements, creating a formidable estate at which he entertained many notable guests, not least the famous crime novelist, Agatha Christie, who stayed frequently.

Situated at the foot of Kinder Scout and overlooking Kinder Reservoir it is a stunning location for a wedding and Helen and Frazer made the most of this gorgeous venue. We were also blessed with a beautifully sunny mid summers day, well right up until the evening when it absolutely chucked it down..!! :-O

Helen got ready at Upper House before taking the short journey down into the village. The bride and her bridesmaids had hair and make up by Laura Maund of Cut & Curl, Buxton and Ruth Docksey respectively in a very relaxed and chilled environment. The wedding flowers we supplied by High Peak Flowers while catering at Upper House was provided by the fabulous Vanilla In All Seasons. There simple and stylish wedding cake was supplied by the fabulous Laura and Bun and Dusted.

After the ceremony in the village, Helen, Frazer and all their guests made there way back to Upper House for the breakfast and evening reception. Georgia and the staff were attentive but discrete leaving everyone to thoroughly enjoy the rest of the day and the evening festivities.

A wonderful wedding which did not disappoint in any way. Helen and Frazer, we wish you all the very best for your future together.....

Here are some of our favourites......

Helen_Frazer - Upper House-4Helen_Frazer - Upper House-4 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-8Helen_Frazer - Upper House-8 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-16Helen_Frazer - Upper House-16 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-21Helen_Frazer - Upper House-21 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-22Helen_Frazer - Upper House-22 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-32Helen_Frazer - Upper House-32 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-37Helen_Frazer - Upper House-37 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-41Helen_Frazer - Upper House-41 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-55Helen_Frazer - Upper House-55 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-62Helen_Frazer - Upper House-62 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-69Helen_Frazer - Upper House-69 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-82Helen_Frazer - Upper House-82 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-84Helen_Frazer - Upper House-84 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-93Helen_Frazer - Upper House-93 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-113Helen_Frazer - Upper House-113 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-122Helen_Frazer - Upper House-122 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-138Helen_Frazer - Upper House-138 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-144Helen_Frazer - Upper House-144 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-153Helen_Frazer - Upper House-153 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-157Helen_Frazer - Upper House-157 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-177Helen_Frazer - Upper House-177 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-186Helen_Frazer - Upper House-186 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-200Helen_Frazer - Upper House-200 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-205Helen_Frazer - Upper House-205 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-224Helen_Frazer - Upper House-224 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-235Helen_Frazer - Upper House-235 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-237Helen_Frazer - Upper House-237 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-241Helen_Frazer - Upper House-241 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-250Helen_Frazer - Upper House-250 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-254Helen_Frazer - Upper House-254 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-265Helen_Frazer - Upper House-265 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-295Helen_Frazer - Upper House-295 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-301Helen_Frazer - Upper House-301 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-306Helen_Frazer - Upper House-306 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-309Helen_Frazer - Upper House-309 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-337Helen_Frazer - Upper House-337 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-348Helen_Frazer - Upper House-348 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-377Helen_Frazer - Upper House-377 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-390Helen_Frazer - Upper House-390 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-415Helen_Frazer - Upper House-415 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-424Helen_Frazer - Upper House-424 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-486Helen_Frazer - Upper House-486 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-509Helen_Frazer - Upper House-509 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-520Helen_Frazer - Upper House-520 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-530Helen_Frazer - Upper House-530 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-550Helen_Frazer - Upper House-550 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-558Helen_Frazer - Upper House-558 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-568Helen_Frazer - Upper House-568 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-581Helen_Frazer - Upper House-581 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-598Helen_Frazer - Upper House-598 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-606Helen_Frazer - Upper House-606 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-623Helen_Frazer - Upper House-623 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-631Helen_Frazer - Upper House-631 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-760Helen_Frazer - Upper House-760 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-823Helen_Frazer - Upper House-823 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-855Helen_Frazer - Upper House-855 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-859Helen_Frazer - Upper House-859 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-910Helen_Frazer - Upper House-910 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-930Helen_Frazer - Upper House-930 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-941Helen_Frazer - Upper House-941 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-950Helen_Frazer - Upper House-950 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-956Helen_Frazer - Upper House-956 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-980Helen_Frazer - Upper House-980 Helen_Frazer - Upper House-985Helen_Frazer - Upper House-985


Helen and Frazer(non-registered)
Before we got married the same advice we got from everyone was choose your photographer wisely you can't go back and re take your wedding pictures and they are the one thing that will stay with you for years to come. Well that we did..... Andy did not let us down. A very successful wedding fair it was finding the perfect photographer! We couldn't be happier with all the pictures you have produced and we have an amazing wedding album. Both you and Julie were a pleasure to work with and we could not recommend you enough. Thanks again so much! X
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