Joanne + Mike | Houldsworth Golf Club, Stockport

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We first met Jo and Mike back in August 2016 and we knew from that first meeting that this was going to be a great wedding. Jo and Mike were so excited about the day and this was still the case (if not more so) 6 months later when we met again for their pre wedding shoot in Castleton.

When we met up with Jo on the morning of the wedding she was getting ready at Pinewood Hotel, Handforth. It was a far cry from most wedding prep where there is make-up, hairspray, prosecco and more all over the place as numerous bridesmaids/flower girls/the bride/hairdressers and make up artists are fighting for the same space. Jo instead was getting ready herself with just Amy Dixon Carding for company doing her hair. It was a much calmer, serene environment than we were use too..!! But it did mean we had time to do a little more with Jo and her father than we usually get chance to do. Jo's gorgeous dress came from Sense and Sensibility and was the first dress she saw but thought it was perfect..!! :-)

We first met Mike at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Bramhall where they were getting married. From the first time we met Mike he was smiling and laughing and I don't think we have seen him do anything else whenever we have met. Mikes story of how he and Jo met is lovely..... 

We met about 14 years ago when we both worked for the same company. We, along with our Dutch colleague became great friends. When we all left the company we lost contact for a few years. Our friend from Holland arranged to come to England with his family and we all reunited. From that moment it was like we had never been apart. From there we saw more of each other and fell for each other.

We travelled to Holland to see our friends and I decided to propose to Jo while we were there. We both love water and so I proposed at the bottom of the water slide at the outdoor pool and it was a complete surprise to Jo.

We love everything about each other. Sounds too good to be true, but that’s how it is. We are best friends and however perfect the wedding was the most perfect part is spending the rest of our lives together.

The reception was at Houldsworth Golf Club in Stockport which had been dressed by My 6 Sweet Creations. As it was pretty much a winter wedding we quickly ran out of available daylight but were compensated by the most amazing sunset which we used as a backdrop for the group shots which we did between the main and dessert course.

The evening entertainment was provided by Paul Sleem who saw them into the evenings celebrations and into the night.

Other suppliers included

Cake - 'Icing on the Cake' of Marple

Flowers - Mobile Flower Pot

Car - Horgan's Wedding Cars

Here's our fab 50........

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